Samba night at Marco Zero

Last night we enjoyed “samba night” at Marco Zero. Pablo plays cavaco and is a big fan of samba, and we go to a lot of samba events at home in DC, so this music felt more familiar to me than frevo. I felt at home, sort of! I knew the lyrics to more of the music and I knew better how to “respond” to the rhythm. We saw Gerlane Lops, Fundo de Quintal (incrível!), Casuarina, and Monobloco. Monobloco was especially exciting for us because we brought them to DC in 2016 for a concert at Creative Alliance in Baltimore and a percussion workshop at the Embassy of Brazil in DC. Really nice guys, really fun performers, great energy. They brought that same energy to Marco Zero—it was quite a party!

(Please excuse the poor photo quality; we were having too much fun to take good photos!)