Concurso de Rei Momo e Rainha do Carnaval 2018 – Recife

It was quite an experience to witness the competition for Recife’s Rei Momo and Rainha (Queen) of Carnival 2018. The Pátio de São Pedro was completely packed and there was excitement in the air. It was very difficult to see the stage, but I was able to watch through some people’s cellphone cameras. The competition had a bit of a beauty pageant feel, starting with a short 1-minute demonstration of frevo by each candidate, one after another, and then an interview/presentation section afterwards. I was truly impressed by the costumes, especially by the rainha candidate who came out with her sombrinha lit on fire, or the rei candidate who had a full golden wig and lights on his costume!

Pátio de São Pedro, Recife. 25 de janeiro de 2018.