Companhia do Frevo de Recife

After nearly two weeks in Recife, this was finally my first opportunity to see a live frevo performance. Wow! The Companhia do Frevo dancers come from the Escola Municipal do Frevo and they have some impressive chops: high kicks, impossible feats on the ground, boundless energy, and huge smiles. They opened with a piece that looked influenced by ballet, as the music was slow and they stepped out smoothly and gracefully. But after that brief opening, the music picked up and they started dancing full out. They had some organized choreography, but also opportunities to shine with some incredible solos.

The Paço do Frevo is a beautiful space. I have never seen a museum entirely dedicated to a dance/music tradition, with exhibits, workshops, lectures, discussions, classes, a library, and a research center. I feel very fortunate to have this resource!

Companhia do Frevo de Recife. Paço do Frevo. 13 de janeiro de 2018.